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What to Expect

Growth in Sales & Revenue

Our SEO team optimize your Shopify store to increase sales and revenue through tailored and proven SEO services.

Increase in Visitor Value

We boost your Shopify site’s touchpoints, craft captivating experiences to increase visitor value and drive conversions.

Rise in Average Order Value

With our effective SEO strategies, Shopify websites increase their revenue and profitability, leading to increased average order value.

Enhanced Organic Brand Visibility

We enhance your website's visibility through proven organic methods, ensuring it becomes a readily discoverable brand.

Uplift in Daily Search Traffic

Our SEO squad drive online success for your Shopify store by enhancing visibility and organic traffic.

Conversion Rate Improvement

Our expert in-house team and proven SEO services drive remarkable growth for your store by converting visitors into loyal customers.

Reduced Paid Ads Dependency

Your store gets freedom from ad dependency through our SEO services. We provide cost-effective solutions to drive long-term success for your Shopify site.

Trust Among Potential Customers

Our effective SEO campaign and your top-quality products together instill trust among potential customers of your site.


Custom SEO Services For Your Shopify Store

Precise Technical and On-Site SEO Analysis.

Insightful content improvement suggestions.

Niche-specific management of Backlink profile.

A perfectly tailored and optimized shopify SEO strategy.

In-depth keyword analysis tailored to your store's target audience, covering all search intent.

Valuable keyword suggestions for product titles, meta tags, and content, ensuring top ranking.

Long-tail & Semantic keywords to target highly relevant traffic with great conversion potential.

Competitor keyword analysis to bridge the gap between popular rival sites of your niche.

Correct crawl issues involving the site, DNS, server connectivity, and URLs.

Improve Mobile Performance, XML sitemap, Robot.txt, and Internal Links Structure.

Address the issue of duplicate content and boost link building using canonical tags.

Add structured data markup to enhance online visibility in Search engine result pages.

Target keywords for your store's products through an effective keyword research procedure.

High-resolution and alt-tags containing images labeled with relevant keywords for product pages.

Informative, unique, captivating, and customer-focussed descriptions for your products.

Target Keyword-rich, clickable anchor texts while linking, making navigation intuitive and clear.

Use tested and proven processes to find backlink opportunities for your brand.

Acquire targeted backlinks by monitoring and researching the competitors’ links.

Identify broken links and enhance the credibility of your Shopify store.

Provide customized and result-oriented link Building Solutions.

Choose a good layout and clear font choices for your ecommerce site.

Avoid extra tags, and ensure everything is referred to properly.

Use optimized graphics while keeping page load time fast as well.

Lower chances of users bouncing by speeding up access to your store's product.

Create pillar content that covers broad topics related to products of your store.

Conduct Cluster topic identification to determine subtopics and specific aspects related to pillar content.

In-depth informative and optimized articles, blog posts, or guides for each cluster type.

Link content pieces to the corresponding pillar content, ensuring a user-friendly navigation experience.

Shorten the number of steps and streamline the checkout process of your Shopify website.

Craft effective, compelling, and visually distinct Call-to-action (CTA) elements.

Enhance site speed by optimizing images, using caching, and minimizing scripts.

Ensure mobile responsiveness for your Shopify store by improving user experience.

Types of pages we optimize for Shopify Stores

Core Pages

Maximizing Homepage, About, and Contact Pages for peak performance.

Product Pages

Optimizing Product titles, descriptions, Images, Videos, and CTAs.

Collection Pages

Enhancing Title tags, Meta descriptions, content and FAQs in collections.

Blog Posts

Streamlining of interconnected blogs, upholding topical authority with strategic CTAs.


Useful Resources for Shopify SEO

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Case Study

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Revenue in 14 Months


keywords on Page #1

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The process is initiated by understanding Shopify stores and their expected goals comprehensively.



Leveraging insights, we make a solid Search Engine Optimization strategy to overcome the identified challenges.



Next, we strategize for action. The entire in-house team is prepared to implement the ecommerce SEO procedure.



Then, using SEO techniques, we optimize your site. We work on technical, on-page, and off-page optimization.



The effectiveness of our strategies is reported to our clients, ensuring transparency.



Our Shopify SEO crew generate traffic, visibility, and sales to the client's store upon executing all steps.

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"Despite having high-quality products, Google could not find our store. We continued to struggle until we engaged Visibility Gurus, who took responsibility and revitalized our Shopify store. We now enjoy digital recognition and considerable financial success—many thanks for impressively comprehending our objectives and preventing us from being demotivated."

Enna Brown

Cosmetic Store Owner

"We always knew what we wanted but were confused about how to make it true. After proper research, we contacted Visibility Gurus to improve our Shopify store’s condition. Their engagement improved website traffic and conversion rate. Now, we are enjoying high-quality sales from our store. Extremely satisfied with their job. Highly recommended!"

Ravi Kulkarni

Accessories Store Owner

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You are prepared to contribute to your business's long-term, sustainable organic search growth.

You have money, patience, and sincerity for your ecommerce business.

Your selling items are excellent, and you want to provide the best service to your clients by letting them know about your store's products.

Despite having a perfect website, you cannot increase traffic and sales for your store.

You require Shopify SEO team who can work tirelessly to make your business successful.

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You want instantaneous outcomes or immediate achievements for your ecommerce businesses.

You do not want to invest money, have impatience and oblivion attitude for your site.

You prefer production over the quality of selling products, and customer accessibility hardly matters.

There are technical glitches on your website, and you neglect them.

You are okay with any SEO agency that works mindlessly and does the formality of practising.

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Shopify SEO FAQs

How long does it take for SEO to work on Shopify?

It takes three to six months to see the results of SEO strategies for any online store, but sometimes, it takes up to a year to fully realize its benefits for some businesses. For example, apparel and health-related ecommerce stores are considered highly competitive, so SEO results, like improvement in search rankings, will take longer in these cases.Hence, SEO efforts bear results, but their time depends on the store’s current stage and niche.

Does the Shopify theme affect SEO?

Themes in a Shopify platform significantly affect the SEO ranking and website traffic. If you choose an SEO-friendly theme with well-maintained site architecture, it will support the SEO and provide an excellent user experience for store browsers, plus an increase in organic traffic.

Are there any specific SEO techniques for Shopify blogs?

You can practice content marketing and content clustering to stand out from the crowd. Through clustering, one focuses on creating a network of interconnected content that will comprehensively cover a particular topic related to your store.

What is the importance of backlinks for Shopify SEO?

Backlinks are useful to strengthen Shopify sites in the eyes of search engines. If you create more backlinks, your site will be considered more trustworthy and referred to when people search for topics relevant to your page.

How can I track my SEO progress on Shopify?

A store starts progressing when it gets more sales and targeted traffic comparatively. However, if you want to monitor the organic traffic and other performance elements at your own, you can use Google Analytics and Search Console to track the number of visitors and gain insights into the site’s performance.

Can I do SEO for my Shopify store or hire professionals?

You can attempt to perform Shopify SEO independently if you have any prior SEO skills. But, the procedure is difficult and time-consuming, so errors are inevitable. Employing a qualified Shopify SEO agency might be a wise decision because they have the apt knowledge and resources to assist you in achieving the best results. Also, they keep themselves updated with the search engine algorithms.
However, it is essential to choose the best Shopify SEO company to enjoy all the benefits of Shopify SEO. Consult Shopify SEO services cost and choose the one that fits your budget and SEO needs.

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