Write a Compelling Shopify About Us Page That Converts (with 10 Examples)

Navneet Singh

Updated 12 December, 2023

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52% of website visitors want to see an “About Us” page when they land on a new website. This is super important for online stores because it can sway people’s decisions. That’s why successful stores always make sure to have a good ‘About Us’ page.

This article is here to make things less confusing and more straightforward when you’re creating an ‘About Us’ page for your Shopify store. Plus, we’ve got the top 10 examples to give you some inspiration. So, let’s jump right in!

What is Shopify About Us Page?

The “About Us” page of a Shopify store is where you can find a description of the company or brand, whatever it operates. It’s a place where a store can go beyond just the products and form an emotional connection with its visitors.

Before making any decision, it is human nature to inspect the related thing. Just like the “About Us” page of a store satisfies the curiosity of viewers, as it reflects their values and the story of their business. When the user feels like they have understood the store, what it stands for, why it exists and how much they have achieved, they start thinking to connect with that store with an intention to make a purchase. It won’t be wrong to say that the “About Us” page is the ultimate conversion booster for e-stores.

The advantage of using the Shopify platform for operating a store is that it has specific features for “About Us” pages, which are listed as the following:

  • Customizable Templates:  There are customizable templates to match every vibe. You can choose any and tell your story in your own way, completely.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Most of the traffic comes from mobiles, and Shopify ensures your “About Us” page is mobile-friendly.
  • Multimedia Integration:  When presenting your story through the “About Us” page, pictures and videos are great proof of your vivid journey. You can integrate visuals effortlessly throughout your store.
  • Social Media Connection: Along with telling about your brand, the “About Us” page gives an opportunity to allow visitors to connect with you on various platforms. This will strengthen your community and connect them with you beyond the cart. 

These are the features that make the ‘About Us’ page better for stores operating on Shopify. But, as a store owner, will this hold significance for you? Let’s check its answer in the next segment.

Why Should You Add a Shopify About Us page?

You may have a question like if you have an ecommerce store, people would go to the products or services page to see content or resources. Why would they bother to visit the About page? 

So, here we are discussing the significance of adding an About Us page for a Shopify store. 

  • Face of the company:  An About page is just like the face of your company. People know your mission, existence, and vision through it. Whatever you put there, users will start expecting those qualities or features from you.
  • Addresses Shopper’s Curiosity: If you are new to prospects, they will have questions in their mind, and your About page is their reply. Include all the essential details concerning your brand so that it can address the shopper’s curiosity.
  • Sets the Brand’s Identity: The About page is regarding your team and brand. It differentiates your store from competitors. The unique name, title, and photos are your brand’s identity, which helps customers choose you over others.
  • Credibility and Trust all the way: An About Us page adds to the trust factor for a website. If shoppers are convinced that you can handle their requirements, only then they think about investing in your products.
  • Connect and get recommendations: It’s true that people are interested in shopping, but if they get connected to your store, their belief in you increases. So, the About page can be a good source to connect with your potential customers and get recommendations.

For all these reasons, you can conclude that the About page is like a golden opportunity to connect with your audience. Get an attractive “About Us” page and increase the store’s sales. 

But, to maximize its benefits, there are some features that can help in getting conversions. Check them out in the next segment.

Common Features of High-Converting Shopify About Us Pages

An engaging “About Us” page can increase the conversion rate by up to 30% (source: Search Engine Journal).  If you want the same results, you must include some amazing features common in high-converting Shopify About Us pages.

1. Who are you: Your brand story

Just like a story, you can start telling how your store came into existence. People start taking an interest in your brand when they find its story interesting and compelling enough.

a store showing their story on the About page
(a store showing their story on the About page)

So, you can include the following things:

  • How you came up with the idea.
  • What are some challenges you faced along the way.
  • How you set up your loyal customer base.

2. What you do: Mission Statement

The next thing that can impress visitors is the mission statement. Your intentions are reflected through it, and users know what you can do for them.

a store showing their story on the About page 1
(a store showing their mission on the About page)

So, you can include:

  • What is your motivation, and what values do you adhere to.

3. How you do it: Make it personal

When you give a name and title along with showing your team’s photos and bio, it reassures visitors. They get a feeling that dedicated persons will work for them, and they actually exist.

a store shared their team picture on the about us page
(a store shared their team’s picture on the About page)

So, you are advised to include:

  • The human behind the business.

4. Why should they buy from you

Write this segment carefully, as users will believe what they see. If you have the art of articulating your brand’s qualities in front of them, half the battle is won.

pain point solving statement by a store
(a convincing statement used by a store on their About page)

 So, you should include this:

  • Give a solution to the exact pain point of the target audience.

5. Proof

You can include the proof section in the About page of your store, which shows you have done work or built a successful customer base in your niche. 

a store shared testimonials on their about page
(a store shared testimonials on their About page)


  • Data, client case studies, testimonials, and awards.

6. Clear CTA: After sharing all that you want to tell about your business, let customers know what to do next. Show them that you care and will avail themselves whenever there is a need. 

a store shared their contact details
(a store shared their contact details)

So, include:

  • Correct contact information.

7. Brand voice: Maintain a consistent brand voice and messaging throughout the page to ensure uniformity.

Add these things to your store’s About page and stand out. 

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Our 10 Favorite Shopify About Us Page Examples

We have compiled a list of our top 10 favorite Shopify stores, highlighting those with the best-crafted About Us pages.  Pick the best features from these examples and include them on your store’s About page. 

It will definitely help you a lot. We will also share screenshots so you can get an idea of the layout and design.

1. Make it about “You” Effortlessly –InkBox

inbox about us page

The brand illustrated the best use of the About page by explaining itself. Some of its best features include:

  • Check all other boxes, too.
  • Captivating pictures.
  • Back story.
  • Founders note.
  • Community Building.

 2. Minimalist design that oozes brand messaging –Rare Beauty

rare beauty about us page

The brand -Rare Beauty follows a consistent design with a powerful message that resonates throughout their About Us page. They included:

  • Just the right amount of copy.
  • Mission stands strong.

3. Build trust with Awards and Brand Values –RifRuf

rifruff about us page

The brand RifRuf builds trust with awards and brand values through its About page. The following are the unique characteristics:

  • Shows brand journey through videos.
  • Welcoming and Authentic.
  •  Connects with the audience at brand values.

4. Interactive design that keeps the visitors engaged –NoahBox

noah box home page

The brand NoahBox has an interactive design to keep the visitors engaged. Here are the features that make it’s About page stand out:

  • Make the “Solution” a hero.
  • Information about the team.
  • Consistent designing.

5. Keep it traditional and effective –SOKOGLAM

sokoglam about us page

The Shopify store – Sokoglam kept a traditional and effective design in their About page. Here are the features of its page: 

  • Authentic brand story.
  • Gives a human touch to the brand.
  • Social connect to strengthen trust and inclusion.

6. Read the minds of the target audience –FURBO

furbo about us page

The brand-Furbo acts smart when it comes to presenting its story to its visitors. Here are things that they’re following in designing the About page:

  • Straight to the point.
  • Emotional Journey.
  • Captivating images.

7. Captivating media elements with a focus on values – AllBirds

allbirds about page

The brand Allbirds is one of the successful stores. They use captivating media elements with a focus on values while presenting themselves through the About page.

  • Fresh design with catchy quotes.
  • Gives a personal touch with founders’ pictures.
  • Focus on design elements rather than words.

8. Make a strong statement with a Video – BeardBrand

beardbrand about page

The Shopify store-BeardBrand used video as a strong statement. The features that make their About Us page impressive are:

  • Designed just for the target audience.
  • High-engagement elements like Quiz.
  • Strong belief in the brand builds trust.

9. Take pride in your brand journey –YETI

yeti about page

The brand Yeti takes pride in presenting its story on the About page. The features that make them different from others are

  • Powerful customer reviews.
  • Images that speak louder than words.

10. Present the real deal with real humans as models –Chubbies

chubbies home page

The Shopify store-Chubbies have presented the real deal with real human beings. Here are the features of its About page:

  • An excellent copy with an element of fun.
  • Plenty of pictures to keep it interesting.
  • Personal touch with a team picture.

So, these are our favorite About Us page examples of Shopify stores. But, to give an extra point, we are sharing more tips to help you get a successful About page.

How to Write a Successful About Us Page?

Apart from following the best ideas from the shared examples, you can follow our effective tips to write a successful About page for your Shopify store. 

  • Consistent design: The design of your Shopify site should match throughout. Font, image, style, and overall aesthetics should maintain uniformity and consistency.
  • Brand color palette: You can choose a brand color palette for your store. It is a subtle way to reinforce the brand voice.
  • Only just enough content: Don’t make your About page look messy by including unnecessary content blocks. It will just give a negative impression to visitors. Also, if added too little, then it will imply that your store is not powerful enough.
  • Visual Content: Text engages readers, but when visuals are included, there is more traffic to the store. So, if you are going to tell the story of your brand, don’t just tell; show it as well.
  • Keep it personal: Give a unique feeling to your customers when they are browsing your store. To ensure this, it would be better to use your own photos than stock images.  

With this, we have shared everything essential that you can use to make a successful About page. So, now, it’s time to make you aware of the procedure to add it to your Shopify store.

How to Add an About Us Page in Shopify?

Here are the steps that you can follow and add an About Us page for your Shopify store. 

  1. Log in to your Shopify account and go to Dashboard. Create a new page with the “Add Page” button.
  2. Add content with the Shopify Editor. Define page title, write basic content, select visibility, and add meta content for SEO. Click Save.
  3. Go to Online Store> Navigation in the Shopify dashboard. Add to the main, sidebar, or Footer Menu.
  4. Click “Add menu item.” Then, add the page name and link to the page. Click “Save Menu” to make it visible.

With this, you can create an About page easily. However, if you want your new page to be hidden from your online store, or want to publish it on a specific date, you can set it as well.

Crafting Your Shopify ‘About Us’ Page with Landing Page Builders

Shopify allows you to create an ‘About Us’ page, but it is very basic. If you want some impressive page design for your store, you can choose any landing page builder, as there are a lot available in the market.

The most amazing thing about landing page builders is that you can design your desired page without any coding. 

Here are some options you can try:

  • PageFly
  • GemPages
  • Zipify Pages
  • Shogun


In the end, we highly recommend a Shopify SEO audit for already established stores to identify and address any existing issues. Meanwhile, for new stores, our provided tips and About Us examples from successful businesses should prove sufficient. By implementing these strategies, you can undoubtedly secure long-term benefits for your business.

In case you need guidance, feel free to reach out to us — we’re here to help you optimize your About page.

Shopify About Us Page FAQs

1. Are there any templates for Shopify About Us pages?

Ans. Shopify provides a basic template for the About Us page. However, you can use landing page builders for customized designs. Shogun, Pagefly, and GemPages are some famous landing page builders.

2. What’s the ideal length for an About Us page on Shopify?

Ans. Word count does not matter for an About Us page on the Shopify store, provided the information should be engaging and relevant. You just need to focus on telling the brand story, values, and team members. Also, use visuals and headings format for easy reading.

3. How often should I update my About Us page?

Ans. There is no hard and fast rule to update the About Us page at a set interval. However, if there is any change in the company, like the addition of new team members, achievements, or changes in the mission and values, you can update it. Otherwise, aim for updates at least once a quarter.

4. Should I follow a specific order for sections on my About Us page?

Ans. To represent your brand’s information on the About page, follow this order: start with a compelling introduction, followed by team members, company values, and then achievements. You can view it from the audience’s angle and prioritize providing that information first.

5. Does the Shopify About Us page help with SEO?

Ans. Adding relevant keywords to the About Us page, providing quality content, and optimizing meta tags contribute to SEO.

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