Shopify Blogging Done Right: Learn from These Successful Examples

Navneet Singh

Updated 27 November, 2023

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Online purchase starts with a search query. Your store can gain a plus point if it can address user queries, which can be achieved through informational blog posts. But, how an ideal blog should be?  

As a Shopify store, if you want your blog post as a superhero in search engine results, here are the things your blog should include:

  • It should resonate with the target audience.
  • On-point SEO should be done.
  • The page design should be visually pleasing.
  • The brand voice should be maintained.

These are the things that will enhance your blog’s visibility in SERPs. The stores that have paid attention to these points are already enjoying high rankings, leads, and conversions. If you want to be one, take a look at these best Shopify blog examples.

In this post, we are covering each point that a brand should know about blogging. So, let’s start with it’s necessity for an online store.

Why Brands Should Start a Shopify Blog

A study shows over 95% of successful Shopify stores have a dedicated blog section (Source: Search Engine Journal), enough to convince any store owner to start blogging. 

The icing on the cake is that Shopify itself offers a versatile and powerful tool in the form of blogging for its subscribers, with whose help one can connect with their audience, improve online visibility, and ultimately drive success for their businesses. 

Blogging is awesome, as you can see from its benefits:

1. Get organic traffic: Suppose you run an organic skincare product Shopify store. If you create blog posts around topics like “How to Choose the Right Organic Skincare Routine” or “Benefits of Organic Skincare,” you can rank higher in search engine results. How? 

Let’s simplify it first: when someone searches for information on organic skincare, your blog posts are more likely to appear in the search results, increasing the chances of discoverability of your brand.

A study shows that blog posts on Shopify generate an average of 68% more leads compared to those without a blog (Source: Search Engine Land).

One more interesting and must-have-known fact is that it will take longer for your content to appear higher in SERPs, but the moment it starts getting traffic, you will see compounded results. 

Over time, potential customers will look at your free content to help them make purchasing decisions.

2. Retain customer engagement: Success is not always getting new customers only. How you handle or retain old customers, defines your expertise, and blogging can help with that.

Well, yes, as existing customers may have questions, your site is where they would find solutions. If you can give them their answers, they will start believing you and will seek your help whenever they need related information.

    On average, Shopify stores with active blogs experience a 42% increase in website traffic (Source: Search Engine Land). So, it’s not only to start blogging, it’s about being consistent in doing so.

    3. Build your brand authority: Through effective blogging, you get support. But it can also help in establishing your brand. 

      Businesses leverage storytelling techniques to create a personal connection with readers and humanize their brand. Write in-depth articles, how-to guides, product reviews, and industry insights and be the top gun in your niche. 

      Provide such valuable information through your content that people search for you whenever they need expert advice on that topic.

      Strategies to Optimize Shopify Blogs for Sales

      More than 80% of online shoppers are more likely to make a purchase from a store that provides valuable blog content (Source: Search Engine Land). But, not every store with a well-designed blog page has a successful conversion rate. What would be the reason? 

      It’s the strategies that make a great difference. Here, we are sharing the best and proven tactics that will help optimize Shopify blogs.

      Write for the Target Audience: Remember that you are practicing blogging, not to please the masses. Rather, your focus should be on how to do it to target potential customers.

      The successful brands publish blogs focused on providing helpful tutorials, guides, and DIY projects related to the products or services sold by the online store, which is the reason behind their popularity and high sales.

      If you want to know a safe count, then as per a study, Shopify stores that publish at least three blog posts per week witness a 76% higher conversion rate (Source: Search Engine Land).

      Choose an SEO-friendly Shopify Blog Template: The way a specific blog post looks, makes a great impact on a store’s success. The better blog SEO, the more visible it becomes, and ultimately, more sales for the store.

      Related reads: Shopify Blog Template

      Make blogs Shopping Ready: One more effective tactic is to make blogs shopping-ready. For this, create special landing pages that align with the blog posts. 

      For instance, if a clothing store is writing about Barbie movie-based shopping trends, then they should create a landing page with related clothing items from their store. This will help them to get more conversions. 

      A picture is worth a thousand words: That’s absolutely true, as blogs with 10 or more images receive an average of 128% more engagement from readers (Source: Search Engine Land).

      So, using more images (preferably products from your e-store) in blog posts is always advisable. Try making visuals appealing and impress potential customers to shop from your store.

      Forget you are a business person: While writing blogs, keep your purpose to educate and inform interested audiences. Avoid writing sales pitches in the form of blogs because you are already doing that on landing pages. 

      So, informing customers should be your major focus while writing informative blog posts or articles, whereas natural product links are always welcome.

      Break away from AI-generated TL;DR: Users like to read genuine and relevant information. AI-generated soulless posts can fail to engage them.

      TL;DR (Too long, didn’t read content) offers a brief summary of the main points for those who may not have the time or interest to read the entire content. 

      So, ensure every post of your store should have a human touch. 

      These are the best strategies that can ensure your SEO success. But, the next segment will make you understand things better.

      Basically, Shopify blog examples showcase how businesses use blogs on their websites to engage with their audience and drive traffic.

      Let’s see these examples from famous Shopify stores that have implemented these strategies and are earning a lot through their implications.

      Our 4 Favorite Shopify Blog Examples for Inspiration

      Shopify blog examples can inspire entrepreneurs and provide ideas for creating compelling and informative blog posts. These examples demonstrate different design and content strategies employed by successful online stores using the Shopify platform.

      So, here we have shared our favorite Shopify blog examples, which showcase how businesses use blogs on their websites to engage with their audience and drive traffic.

      We are sure, the below-mentioned Shopify blog examples will inspire you and provide ideas for creating compelling and informative blog posts.

      1. Inspire Uplift

      About the business: Inspire Uplift is an online global marketplace that facilitates the buying and selling of a wide range of products. You can get everything from home and gardening items to pet supplies, toys, games, jewelry, accessories, and shoes here.

      Their blogs are most helpful for gift finding.

      inspire blog page

      The top 3 most successful blog posts by Inspire Uplift (as per by Ahrefs)

      1. Nail’ Your Summer Beach Party with these 140 Bright, Cute, and Simple Beach Nails Designs and Ideas.
      2. Does The True Gator Pitbull Bloodline Exist? Price, Traits, & Care with Real Pictures.
      3. 25 Coffin Nails Designs With 150+ Extravaganza Ideas.

      Things that make blog posts by Inspire Uplift unique

      • The blog covers a diverse range of categories, appealing to various interests.
      • The posts emphasize products’ usage in creative ways.
      • Trendy products are balanced with timeless solutions through the posts.

      2. GymShark Central

      About the business: Gymshark is a UK-based fitness apparel brand, popular for stylish and functional activewear. Their product range includes workout clothing and other fitness-related accessories.

      The blogs by Gymshark Central are the most inspiring Shopify blogs for fitness enthusiasts.

      gymshark blog page

      The top 3 most successful blog posts by Gymshark Central  (as per by Ahrefs)

      • The Six Best Arm Exercises for Your Next Arm Workout.
      • The 5 Best Exercises to Build Bigger Traps.
      • The 7 Best Hamstring Exercises To Build Stronger, Bigger Hamstrings.

      Things that make blog posts by Gymshark Central unique

      • The blog post’s content focuses on fitness, workouts, and a healthy lifestyle.
      • Their marketing strategy relies on deeply understanding each social platform’s audience and creating tailored content.
      • In-depth details about new Gymshark product releases.

       3.  Palaleather

      About the business: Palaleather is a jacket-selling store that uses top-quality handmade materials. They offer products for both men and women, ensuring that their handmade fashion is unique and durable.

      palaleather blog page

      The top 3 most successful blog posts by Palaleather (as per by Ahrefs)

      • 25 Classy Ways to Rock 80’s Punk Look Fashion | Aesthetic Punk Style.
      • Can You Dry Clean A Leather Jacket? All You Need to Know.
      • 30 Iconic 80s Rock Fashion Outfit Ideas You Must Try.

      Things that make blog posts by Palaleather unique

      • The brand adopts an informative style with visual elements showcasing leather products for its blog posts.
      • They delve into explaining and exploring current fashion trends.
      • The blog effortlessly links to products, guiding customers without being overly promotional.

      4. Brilliant Business Moms

      About the business: Brilliant Life Shop sells digital tools for small business owners, specifically mothers. Their blog “Brilliant Business Moms” offers extra helpful content. Their goal is to foster a supportive community for mom entrepreneurs.

      brilliant business moms blog page

      The top 3 most successful blog posts by Brilliant Business Moms (as per by Ahrefs)

      • 7 Things to Post on Instagram Stories When You’re Stumped on What to Say.
      • 20 Free Fall Printables (that are actually good!)
      • How Continuing to Test and Tweak Ads Led to $15k Profit Months for Kati Kiefer of True Money Saver.

      Things that make blog posts by Brilliant Business Moms unique

      • The brand focuses on mom entrepreneurs and addresses topics like work-life balance, and time management. 
      • The blog posts are tips for moms so they can easily cover areas like marketing, product development, and customer relations.
      • They share personal stories and experiences to inspire and connect with readers.

      Incorporating videos in Shopify blog posts results in a staggering 245% increase in time spent on the page by visitors (source: Search Engine Land). So, don’t skip this strategy to get better results for your Shopify blog page.


      To sum it up, we’ve shared our recommendations. A good blog is like a smart, long-lasting investment. It builds brand authority and credibility.

      For ecommerce stores like Shopify, one can feature customer success stories or interviews with industry experts through blogs. This can really establish credibility and inspire trust among future as well as old customers.

      The blogs we highlighted are from different industries, each using different approaches. You can choose the one that suits you. However, if you are looking for a genuine and expert team to get your work done, contact us.

       CTA – Shopify Blog SEO


      1. Is Shopify good for blogs?

      Ans. Shopify is a platform designed for e-commerce, but it also offers sufficient blogging features. In case, if you are looking for a more robust and versatile blogging channel, choose to work with WordPress.

      1. Is the Shopify blog free?

      Ans. Yes, if you have already subscribed to Shopify, you will get a built-in blogging feature. So, the overall cost depends only on your chosen pricing plan.

      1. Does the Shopify blog help SEO?

      Ans. Shopify blogs integrate well with the SEO best practices. If you update your blog with relevant and high-quality content, your site can get higher search engine rankings and drive organic traffic.

      Additionally, Shopify provides SEO tools and features to optimize your blogs for search engines.

      1. How many blogs can you have on Shopify?

      Ans. There is no such restriction on the number of blogs. You can create multiple blogs to organize and categorize the content of your Shopify store as required.

      1. Can I monetize my Shopify blog?

      Ans. Yes, you can promote affiliate products or services within your blog posts. However, the reason for building a Shopify store blog is to build awareness and trust for your store products.

      1. How to add multiple blogs to a Shopify store?

      Ans. Log in by putting in your credentials on Shopify site. Then go to “online store’ and then blog posts. Here, click “manage blogs” and then hit on “add blogs.”

      1. What are the benefits of publishing blogs on a Shopify store?

      Ans. Publishing blogs on a Shopify store enhances SEO, fosters customer engagement and establishes brand authority. One can also use it as a marketing tool for product promotion and customer education.

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