Not Doing eCommerce SEO for Your Online Store?- Here’s What You Are Missing

Navneet Singh, Founder

Ecommerce SEO

If you have done preliminary work of having a well-designed and user-friendly website, the next thing you need to focus on is getting more and more customers on your website. In other words, your site needs to be visible to your target audience. While one way of doing is running ads or PPC campaigns, the other is to get your site optimized for the search engine.  

While PPC may help you get some quick results, if you want to make the most of what your website can offer, what you require is going for SEO. A reasonable combination of PPC and SEO can give you outstanding and long-term outcomes, both. 

SEO lets you leverage the maximum potential of your website as a tool for online marketing. It helps all your existing and future audience reach you. If you are missing out on E-commerce SEO, there are plenty of things you might be missing. We’re listing them here.

Well, you have thought of SEO as just link-building. Yes, true! But, that’s just a part of SEO. E-commerce SEO involves several other things. For example, it will mean having reviews for your outstanding products from your customers. Also, it involves making the most important events and the best features visible to your audience in SERP results. This is how SEO is going to make a great difference.

If you are an e-commerce store owner, then keep in mind that SEO is not just a good option but a necessity for your website.

The fact is that retailers must set aside time and resources for not only creating an online store, getting PPC, but also optimizing the website for the best outcomes. If you want to make your revenues grow day by day and more and more with siding time, you surely need to get SEO done.

In the long run, SEO exposes your site to a larger customer base. It means that you must prompt your customers to log in or sign up. And it will help in several ways we listed and we’ll describe the same ahead.

Missing Out on All Organic Sales

If you launch an e-commerce store, you can expand your potential customer base going beyond your community. Simply put, E-commerce SEO is a must for small retailers.

Aligning sales and marketing for sucess gif

If you have set a  marketing budget, keeping a part of it for SEO will give you endless benefits and so much higher ROI. SEO allows small businesses to leverage numerous advantages such as building trust and authority in their niche, so much so that they can override the big market players, and year by year, you will have a wider customer base.

An eCommerce SEO Specialist uses a crawl budget to create targeted promotions and newsletters having complete information reflecting the sales and trends that your target demographic specifically cares about. SEO uses the key metrics including unique organic visits to figure out if you have a greater number of sales. 

You’re Losing Out on Insights to Render Top-Notch Customer Experience and Customer Loyalty

Having an e-commerce SEO ensures that your customers can get the best of what they want. A well-designed E-commerce store offers your customers an equivalent experience of visiting your physical store. In e-commerce, shoppers will feel convenient with a 24/7 shopping experience on their own terms without the need to travel to your store. Make your site visible and easily navigable so that you can help it to be your favorite destination for online shopping. 


In SEO, the aim is to offer a unified brand experience to your customers as they engage with your brand. 87 percent of consumers think businesses require doing a better job for creating a smooth shopping experience.

A well-performed E-commerce SEO is vital for offering customer satisfaction and giving a great shopping experience to your customers. E-commerce SEO offers clear-cut shipping and return policy giving customers peace of mind for a hassle-free experience.

Technical E-commerce SEO provides you with a check on the technical functionality of your website ensuring that the customers can get a seamlessly automated process for a better return on investment from customers. It is surely going to enhance your sales and profits.

You’re Limiting Your Outreach

With a longer email list, you can market directly. An important aspect of why you require your own website is that it helps you to market directly to your website’s customers. You can reach out to your customers directly with the new introduction of products on your website. As you get new contact information, it will help you to sell directly to your customers. As you get the email addresses of your potential customers, it helps you to understand them and sends you the best offer discounts, email marketing promotions, and helps them find new products you can offer.

With a higher number of buyers looking for more specific information, it can be quite challenging if you limit yourself to the marketplace because you won’t be able to access your customers directly. Moreover, it provides you with the right opportunity to render great customer service and promote different products. It also proves highly helpful if you retain a customer in place of making an effort to get a new one. So, make sure that you are communicating correctly with the existing ones. And it is possible if you have their contact information for generating higher business revenue.


SEO also helps you increase your site’s trustworthiness. Because trust is the most important commodity, it lets your customer base grow. With its various technicalities, SEO lets you understand the things they’ve purchased.  You will require to understand their expenditure habits and things that interest them. It gives you an insight into the way you can use the information which allows you to influence them or suggest them to make future purchases from you.

You’re Stopping Yourself From Establishing and Strengthening Your Brand

SEO helps you work out the several restrictions for the display and listing of the several products in the marketplace. Using schema markup, you can go for displaying the most important information your potential customers are looking for. Many times the products can only be listed in generic modes. If you have good SEO done on your e-commerce website with things such as link building, it helps you to build your brand’s reputation. Ecommerce SEO for your site helps you to strengthen your brand and is useful to create the right image for your business in the market. Choose the right and relevant website for link building. It will help you to build your brand’s authority. Customization and branding are greatly important for your website. 

Typically, the visitors and customers will help you to understand that your product belongs to customers who purchase the product. It will help you recognize the marketplace in place of remembering you.

Accordingly, the consumers will associate with the right product and brand using marketplace selling. It will also help you to learn about your brand. The best situation is where the customers think of your brand as they think of the products in that category. 

The first thing is that having a  website helps you exert control while you can exercise complete control and it also helps you to understand the way things appear and also the way things work. Having a well-ranked website will help you utilize immense possibilities. As you carry out SEO, online marketing utilizes your website as a great tool. 

If you customize your website for SEO, it will strengthen your brand’s image to give a top-notch experience. This is the best part that customers will recognize. Offering your product won’t be good for you.

You Cannot Discover What Your Customers Really Want

There are few highly successful online stores that will be the best if they put in some time to dig deep into data and there is also a need to inform the customers about their business decisions.

In fact, web analytics helps you to understand better about your visitors and customers. Make sure that you browse and check well about the buying habits of customers. You must also understand what your visitors are looking for. You need to take into account things such as abandoned items in shopping carts. You also need to understand that website design changes are all about the increase in sales. These insights are going to help you to increase your sales over time.

You’ve An Incomplete Understanding of Your Audience

Your e-commerce website helps you get a better understanding of your customers for demographics or other locations. It also helps you learn about the other information on how they find your website and hear about your brand. A website also allows you to understand and analyze customer behaviour on the website. You can find out the way they are looked at and also the path they follow to buy from you.


If you find particular traffic sources bringing in the maximum number of customers for your business, you need to put in higher efforts there and invest more money in the channels as they will be more highly profitable.

And it does not end here. You will not just get information about your existing customers, but you will be able to analyze and understand why those who left midway, did so?

SEO is based on understanding the right information about your customers. You gain a lot of information about your existing customers. You can discover various things, for example, if it happens due to the product page not having enough customer reviews or enough photos. Users can abandon shopping carts due to higher shipping costs.

At such time, the homepage will have a confusing and less user-friendly website design for the checkout process. You must have the right payment method and options to target your customers to help you spot the right e-commerce store.

It is imperative to get a great insight to make improvements for optimizing your website for increasing conversions while helping you to sell more.

You Lose Out on Important Information to Make Your E-Commerce Site User-Friendly and  Google-Compliant

If you are running your own e-commerce store, you can get great freedom to impact the customer journey and the user experience. Here are a few things you can do for your company’s SEO and to increase its visibility.

  • Add product photos and videos must be posted at highly relevant places.
  • You need to alter the navigation of your site and the layout of your site.
  • Change the website theme or the color scheme. 
  • Edit button placement and text.
  • Tell your company’s story.
  • Add a blog (it is essential for your website).
  • Feature some of your customers.

With a website, your products will appear in their exclusive space in your brand, unlike a marketplace where they feature next to your competitor’s. 

Ecommerce website SEO will help in the better organization of your site and also improve its with clear descriptions on:

  • Product categories.
  • Product descriptions.
  • Product images.
  • And any other e-commerce feature giving the store owners well-customized e-commerce design solutions.

You may also edit the way you want to group and price your products. The site will offer you free shipping. If you’re offering freebies at the checkout process, it will surely help your customers engage better with you. If customers think that they are getting a good deal, they would surely want to visit you again and again.

If your website is complying with Google’s SEO update recommendations, it will have a great impact on your conversions. SEO ensures and lets you control your storefront and offers you the ability to test. It will validate your online business.

You’re Missing Information for Running Creative and Result-Oriented Marketing Campaigns

Just as you have your own website doesn’t mean customers will automatically come flocking to you. Once you have a store, you will be working to get shoppers there. The first step in acquiring customers is driving traffic to your site using several SEO strategies. It offers you a strong online presence on social media. It won’t always be easy to set up great campaigns. However, you will get a high level of flexibility in many ways so that people can find and buy from you.

marketing gifs customers

Ecommerce businesses can customize the marketing strategy to take care of their audiences and also get the right shopping habits.

There are also some common tactics you can apply using Facebook and Google ads to reach your target audience. It will be important to create content for your website as you research and incorporate the keywords people use for searching for solutions similar to yours. You can also run promotions and flash sales to create user interest and retarget past purchasers.

According to Clutch, 37% of shoppers want discounts and coupons so that they get back to the retailers’ websites. Moreover, you can leverage an endless number of methods for attracting people to your brand- right from creating videos to running a contest – All this can lead to greater sales.

You Miss Insight into Ways to Attracting Better Customers Through Organic Search

Having better customers helps you to give value-addition to your site and attract new customers. Search engine optimization of the eCommerce websites provides a great way to do things.

Search engine optimization (SEO) also affects a website or web page’s online visibility helping you to get unpaid results. 

Several shoppers like Business Insider will require the use of the search engine to fetch more information before they make a purchase. It means that if you do not show up in search engine results.  You will end your possibility to move away from the primary ways a consumer uses to shop these days. 

Websites will show up in search results, and give incredible value to your business and create your eCommerce website, which will be the first step to achieve outcomes.

You’re Missing on Earning the Maximum Possible Revenue

Money is what makes things count in most businesses. The greater the number of places where you can offer your products, the more likely you are to make sales. It is as simple as this.

An online store will help you increase your chances to generate higher revenue. 

It not only impacts your sales as it has a greatly positive effect on your business. It offers you a new business arena to generate greater sales online.

Who Will Shop From Your E-Commerce Store?

 BigCommerce studies reveal the following are your users

  • Millennials and Gen X. This generation accounts for nearly 50% more time shopping online every six hours per week while the older generation shops only for four hours. 

  • Everyone Else. Seniors, Baby Boomers, and Gen X will also be ‘adding to cart. 56% of Gen X wants to search and purchase on eCommerce sites in place of in-store. Moreover, 41% of baby boomers and also 28% of seniors go for online shopping rather than offline.

  • All Geographies. Urban citizens have higher access to proximity to physical stores. But, online shoppers in few major metropolitan areas require spending more money on the eCommerce websites ($853) in comparison to suburban shoppers ($768), and the ones isolated in rural areas ($684).

  • Men. Men are spending more online than women in the past few years.

Undoubtedly, businesses must have an online website. 

You Will Not Harness Information for Increasing Customer’s Convenience

Small business owners need to focus on themselves and they cannot just rely on dollars and cents. There can be reasons that you need to have an online eCommerce website. The first one is that it is necessary to give an unparalleled experience to your customers. A website also provides you with an amazing level of convenience.

It allows the customers to check the apt information such as your store hours, phone number or address, helping to drive in-person sales. Moreover, when your customers are busy, or away from your local destination, making it difficult for them to reach your store for any reason, the website offers them a great convenience to shop from anywhere.

You’ll Not Understand the Factors for Giving More Productive 24/7 Operational Hours

The best part of having an eCommerce SEO is that it helps the customers to find you whenever you need and buy whatever they want. It is an e-commerce online store present in SERP results that lets you focus on your business round-the-clock. 

An online store helps your customers to browse different products. They can check again or be notified when their favorite product is back in stock. They can be performing several consumer processes, even at a time when your physical store is closed at the end of the night. The internet allows you to be in business all the while. So, even if you sleep, your site is still functioning.

You’ll be Missing on Getting New Market Acquisitions

When you take your business online, it expands.

Your products can be seen and purchased by people all over, while with a traditional physical location, you are limited by time and space. 

Basically, an eCommerce website creates endless possibilities and offers you new markets to explore. It lets you cultivate new sales and gives you revenue opportunities.

If your products become a hit in your hometown, you can think of taking them to new places offering better experiences to other people.

You’ll be Losing Out on Speeding Up Business Operations Efficiently

Today, e-commerce businesses are leveraging the multi-channel experience as they combine both the physical and the online shopping world into one.

For example, a customer may find your website online and order a product, but pick it up in-store.

That’s why, if a customer arrives at the store, for a ready item that they have paid for in advance, they will just need to collect it and move out. This offers the additional advantage of keeping the queue times lower and significantly lowering the employee time to complete sales.

Those who do not want to get an in-store pick-up as the feature of their online store can still leverage the faster operations. Customers can research their products online, saving your employees time for answering in person. 

You’ll be Ending Up Paying Higher Payroll Expenses

The sales operations will get smoother on the platform. It will allow you to lower down your payroll requirements.

Your online store will handle a major part of the responsibility that employees handle at most times. Therefore, the need for more staff is reduced.

Your online store will let you have fewer employees on your payroll. So, you will be saving your expenses and will be earning a higher revenue with your profit.

You’ll be Missing on Applying Optimization of POS for Enhanced Customer Loyalty

Small business owners always are faced with the fear that they have yet to make a transition to the online world by staying organized, especially if they get their sales and inventory data. Moreover, on an e-commerce website, you can offer deals and discounts at checkout. This simple process encourages customer loyalty and they like to return to you again and again.

This eliminates the potential problems of adding the online platform to an existing sales record. Business owners can easily track inventory free of fear of lower sales.

You’ll not be Getting Enough Customer-Shares for Reaching More Audience

Designing and improving social shareability is also a part of SEO. Having social media share buttons on your site helps customers to share your content. Apart from search and new market acquisitions, businesses must attract unique and new online customers through social media.

Some part of the customer experience for this reason offers an opportunity to the customers for sharing the product purchases and their favorite brands through social media.

An eCommerce site allows you to see the social media posts and shares of your customers. It also helps other potential customers to find you and carry out business with you.

You’ll be Limiting Your Brand Awareness

An e-commerce website with shareable options not only gives you social media mentions but helps you gain fresh customers using search. You can tap into new online markets. Consequently,  you get increased brand awareness.

More and more people get aware about your company and the products it has to offer. And such awareness will help you to buy the products.

E-commerce sites offer you a greater and greater production in sales. With more people sharing and spreading your site and its products, brand awareness increases exponentially. It means that an e-commerce site will increase your sales.

You’re Not Achieving Higher Flexibility

An e-commerce SEO means that you can make the right changes on your website as needed for the site, giving the retailer great flexibility and also a lot of strength to reach out to the customers. SEO is a great chance to be highly active in getting complete knowledge and to make the right plan and strategize properly to implement the changes to your website and the retail store. 

Before you make changes to the website, you need to be sure that you can learn more about the product’s competitive price and have a great way to check what your customers are interested in. Make sure that you take care of the best promotional pop-ups. Taking the analytics data into account, you can make the right business decisions swiftly so that you can achieve the desired outcomes. 

You’ll Limit Your Capacity to Build Real Customer Relationships Virtually

SEO gives you a chance to learn about what your customers really like. At times, it may be all about just hearing more about how things went. Building the right relationship with your customer is important whether you are talking in person or letting a customer interact on your website.

Presenting a great face of your business is important but it matters equally to build trust. A recent survey by Better Business Bureau indicated that 84 per cent of consumers require that small businesses can get a highly trustworthy choice for shopping.

Are You Still at the Basic Level in E-Commerce?

When it comes to online selling, many merchants may be faced with a choice to sell on a marketplace or to create their own website. It is clear that you will surely need a website though you can utilize the marketplace as well. And getting SEO for your website as well as a landing page will be important in both situations. This is what will give your products the right visibility. 

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution that works the best for everyone. However, if your retail business is serious about e-commerce, then it must have its website, its SEO alongside paid marketing campaigns. This will ensure that you can get the right exposure for your site to its potential customers.

About Marketplace and SEO

Several marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and Walmart Marketplace can surely serve as great sales channels for different types of merchants. Now, you will be competing with several equivalent competitors. So, you will surely need that your landing page on the different platforms of the marketplace is well optimized, though it may be leveraging other aspects of promotion. If it is optimized for the search engine, customers searching for the product you sell will be able to find your pages and land there. 

The customers require clear and comprehensive information about product spec, product price and product availability, and so on.

However, to make the most of your business’s ultimate potential, the marketplace isn’t enough. It can be highly limiting as compared to a website. BigCommerce’s History of Commerce,  states that overall, the digital space should enable to “research, shop, browse, and purchase easily as they move around the different devices and different platforms (for example if you have a standalone web store, or an Amazon presence and more)”. You will find that just a marketplace may not be enough if you want to make the most of what your customers require.

So, if you are still lurking around in the marketplace, go a step ahead, get your e-commerce website. Do you already have one? Great! Now, the scope is immense and there’s so much that needs to be done to help you grow your revenues each year by leaps and bounds. If you want to see your business keep growing, E-commerce website SEO is a must. 

This means you need to have practical knowledge of e-commerce SEO, as per Google’s guidelines, and analyze the buyer intent and implement it well. It will help you to get more sales by increasing your access to the customers.

Small businesses must have an e-commerce store for increasing their sales and growing their brand. You require customers to choose you while they shop and browse online. Also, you must enhance your reach so that you can get a better customer experience.

Let us give you insights into SEO that can help a company to help its potential customers to reach them. No wonder, this will help you to increase your reach and also allow you to give a better experience online.

You have to be a highly competitive e-commerce store so that people can trust you and choose you over others while online shopping.


A well-designed E-commerce SEO strategy will allow you to 

  • Grow your brand
  • Acquire loyal customers 
  • Gain new insights

And have a creative approach for your marketing. 

However, you cannot rely on just a channel for all of your sales as it can be problematic. make sure that you diversify the platforms where you sell online. E-Commerce is especially useful for finding new customers.

It is important that you have the right partner to carry out your e-commerce work. It helps you to order for websites and marketplaces using direct integration. To get complete help to make your e-commerce platform visible, feel free to connect with the E-commerce SEO experts at Visibility Gurus.