Case Study – eCommerce SEO for Rope Store: 930.62% New Users Organically

Navneet Singh, Founder

Case Studies

The Results Over 6 Months

Visibility Gurus’ team planned a customized eCommerce SEO strategy to increase the website’s organic traffic and engagement for our eCommerce client-A dog accessories online store owner. With the strategy’s design and implementation, we helped them achieve a 930.62 % growth in new users and an increase in sessions by up to 863.55%.

Growth in Users


Increase of New Users


Increase in Sessions


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The Challenge

Before approaching Visibility Guru’s team, this ropes brand store looked for the best marketing services possible focusing on eCommerce SEO. They were concerned about

  • Scanty organic website traffic.
  • Very few leads.
  • Minimal website conversions.

In enacting, we formulated a customized digital marketing strategy focused on enhancing sales using commercial keywords in posting on relevant SEO niches. It helped us draw new users and B2B businesses interested in purchasing branded ropes.

The Solution

We created an SEO strategy and a process to measure the results obtained with all of the implemented marketing activities. The results were measured in terms of how they affected the bottom line.

Here are the marketing activities we performed.

  • We created a customized SEO ranking strategy targeting local county service areas (their primary areas of operation).
  • Targeted Long Tail Keywords and Buyer Keywords to build brand awareness and subsequently bring in the new users on the website and guide them on the path to purchase.
  • We focused on the website’s design and message to target demographics with a content marketing strategy to address customer pain points.
  • We create a new keyword seed list with competitor analysis for fishing out gaps in patent keyword strategy. We carried out on-site website optimization to enhance organic traffic with improved visibility to relevant demographics.
  • The content marketing strategy was aligned using the articles and service pages for discussing the vital points to guide customer decisions. Plus, we focused on getting reviews, providing clear and accurate pricing and other product details.